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Byte-Size Wellness Academy

Online Wellness Self-Coaching

Micro-learning Program

Launching Summer 2019 

More info to come soon!

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Byte-Size Wellness Academy

A self-guided 5-step online program to total worker wellness through self-care, healthy eating, sleep hygiene, fitness and mindfulness.  All content is delivered through micro-learning:  short (5-minute) video lessons and action-packed bonuses that easily fit into employees' busy workdays and everyday lives.  Practical. Actionable. Sustainable.

The program includes step-by-step resources to help HR professionals create a healthy workplace culture - with ease - PLUS an exclusive online community for HR professionals.



Video Micro-Breaks 

30+ stretch videos fit into busy workdays with little time and effort, no sweat, and no guilt taking restorative micro-breaks.

Each video is about 5-minutes long and integrates into the workday as:

A scheduled mid-morning and mid-afternoon energy booster break
An on-demand and on-the-spot break when energy levels are low
A break room program where videos play in a common area on a continuous loop
Meeting breaks to boost energy and build camaraderie 

Wellness Bytes Library

365 digital wellness information tips and inspirational quotes about healthy eating, sleep hygiene, fitness, and mindfulness.  

Wellness bytes will be sent out weekly on Wellness Wednesday to inspire, educate, and reinforce course content.

Each weekly wellness byte will include a brief message addressing the "why" behind the theme of the week and suggestions for 5-8 related, buildable bytes to view each week.

Healthy Lifestyle
Tip Sheets

Digital Tip Sheets on Healthy Eating, Office and Travel Exercises


Checklists, Cheat Sheets, Worksheets, FAQ Sheets, Planning Sheets & Lots More!

More Information Coming Soon!

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