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Wellness Talks and Workshops



Eat, Sleep, Move, Breathe (Work-Life Balance)

It’s easy to focus solely on work and give yourself a pass when it comes to healthy habits. Not only does productivity take a hit, so does overall health. This dynamic workshop will provide a plan to stay healthy and feel balanced vis-à-vis healthy eating, restorative sleep, mindfulness and fitness. Participants will discover ways to easily fit mind-body breaks into busy workdays and business travel through byte-size activity, and transfer learnings to everyday lives with mindful eating. This session includes take-home food and fitness energy booster tip sheets.

Sitting is the New Smoking

Our society has a problem. We sit too much. Sitting like smoking is a health hazard and can kill you. Finding time to exercise and re-energize is always a challenge. In this dynamic session, participants will: 1) learn about the hazardous effects of prolonged sitting, 2) experience ways to “fit” fitness into their workday, meetings or conferences, and business travels through byte-size activity, and 3) appreciate that taking a stand against sitting through small everyday changes provide cumulative benefits. This practical, interactive session includes take-home tip sheets for integrating stretch and strengthening exercises at work.

Re-Energize, Re-Focus and De-Stress with Mindfulness

We all operate in autopilot during our busy days and experience the stresses associated with never-ending to-do lists, multitasking, problem-solving, and planning. The latest trend for busy people is mindfulness. This dynamic session will demystify mindfulness. Participants will practice mindfulness, discover ways to “fit” mind-body breaks into busy days, and transfer learnings to everyday lives vis-à-vis mindful eating. This session includes healthy eating tip sheets.

The Road Warrior: Staying Healthy on the Road

Finding time to exercise and re-energize while on business travel is always a challenge. In this dynamic session, participants will experience ways to fit healthy eating, mindfulness, and fitness into their busy travels through byte-size activity. Learn the latest trends, tips, and apps that allow the “road warrior” to maintain an active healthy lifestyle on the road. The session includes a road warrior kit.

Boost Your Energy and Focus (with Food and Fitness)

Did you know that fitness and food impact the body and brain at work? Discover how, what and when to eat for energy and focus. Participants will experience fitness micro-breaks (no need to change out of your work attire) and see how easy it is to incorporate energy boosters into their workday, busy travels and every day lives through byte-size activity. This practical, interactive session includes take-home tip sheets and real world tips for integrating food and fitness energy boosters into everyday lives.

Become a Conference Wellness Superstar

Wellness is the hot, new buzzword today in the meetings and exhibitions industry. Conferences can take their toll on participants through lots of sitting, standing, and information to take in. Wellness programs give attendees a needed mental and physical break. Discover how wellness on the exhibit floor and in open learning lounges provides a healthy and memorable experience, and attracts sponsorship revenue. The session overviews wellness lounges, wellness challenges and activities to keep attendees motivated before, during and after the conference.


General / Breakout / Workshop
Multi-Talk Packages Wellness Lounge Package A La Carte / Extra Cost Items
15-minute talks
30-minute talks
45-60 minutes talks
2+ hour workshops
Tip sheets
Road warrior kits
Resistance band packages
Wireless headsets
Fitness micro-break videos
Live on-the-go fitness breaks
1:1 wellness coaching
Wellness wall
Basic wellness challenge
Holistic wellness challenge
Before/after conference day fitness/wellness activities
Custom branded:
Tip sheets
Resistance bands
Road warrior kits
Half-day and full-day packages available
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Wellness Lounge

Wellness Lounge

Breakout Session

Breakout Session

Wellness Lounge

Wellness Lounge

Live On-the-Go Fitness Break

Live On-the-Go Fitness Break

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