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Wellness Lounge/Hub

A New Way to Engage, Inspire & Energize Attendees Through Wellness

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The elements of the Wellness Hub can be used individually or together to form a comprehensive turkney conference wellness program:
Wellness Hub

We provide holistic and customizable wellness packages that create a memorable participant experience.


Ignite lounge


X bytesTM Wellness Hub

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“Dr. Kim’s knowledge and expertise in wellness and conference wellness programs is terrific. She is high-energy and engaging and was able to customize her programming options to fit our schedule. Her sessions are always a big draw and traffic driver.”


Kelly Peacy, CAE, CMP
Former Senior Vice President, Education & Events, PCMA
Founder & CEO, Insight Event Strategy, LLC


“We incorporated a fitness and wellness area on the ibtm america show floor this past June. The wellness area was strategically placed at the hub of our show, where buyers and exhibitors could connect, engage in conversation and have informal networking. The area was extremely well-received by our attendees. It gave them an opportunity to relax, stretch and learn how to stay fit while traveling and having a busy show schedule. It created additional touch-points for exhibitors to meet buyers, build relationships, connect with peers and of course have some fun! Dr. Kim had a fantastic program which truly engaged our exhibitors and attendees.”


Jaime McAuley (Rosov)
Event Director, ibtm america
Reed Travel Exhibition