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Flex Your Mindfulness Muscles: A Practice to help you cope, focus and stay calm

One of the great by-products of the movement to reduce workplace sitting is that it has introduced the idea that healthful practices are not only for after-work.  … Continue reading

Walk the Talk on a Treadmill Desk

As I write this blog post from my standing desk, I’m wondering if it’s time to take the next step (pun intended!) and invest in a treadmill desk.… Continue reading

I Love Interval Training

Valentine’s Day: Just when you thought your New Year’s Resolution to eat better and exercise more might just stick, here comes another holiday that tempts you (chocolate and… Continue reading

Rebalancing Act: Fallen off the Wellness Wagon? Here’s How to Get Back on Board

We talk about work-life balance as if it’s something you can figure out, achieve and then permanently check off your to-do list. I’m here to tell you that’s… Continue reading

Giving Depression the Runaround

I am always on the lookout for wellness journeys to share with you, and this month’s is a true inspiration. For many people, hitting the half-century mark can… Continue reading

Real Stories, Real Results: True-Life Stories to Get You Motivated

Throughout my travels sharing the message of wellness and self care, I have witnessed so many inspirational stories of people who have tackled health and wellness challenges with… Continue reading

Join the Band: Inject Resistance Band Strength Training into your Workday

What I love about the campaign to sit less and move more is the concept of integrating exercise into the workday. No longer is fitness something you do… Continue reading

3 Ways to Engage Conference Attendees with Fitness Micro-Breaks

Every meeting planner I talk with lately is looking for ways to engage attendees. They want to get their attendees out of their seats and interacting with each… Continue reading

Beware of the Chair: It’s Get Fit Don’t Sit Month!

It was only a few years ago that we began to be aware of the health risks of long-term sitting. Now the evidence has accumulated to the point… Continue reading

Burn Up to 46% More Calories with Nordic Pole Walking

Standing for long periods of time, on concrete floors, on flat ground, and in work shoes however can be just as fatiguing and hard on our bodies (back,… Continue reading

Stand Up Smarter at Work with a Standing Mat

Standing for long periods of time, on concrete floors, on flat ground, and in work shoes however can be just as fatiguing and hard on our bodies (back,… Continue reading

Here’s the Scoop about Standing Desks

Are you sitting for over 6 hours a day at your desk at work? Do you get fanny fatigue from sitting too much? How about stiff muscles? Slouched… Continue reading

Beware of the Chair: Take A Stand at Meetings and Conferences

Think back to your last all-day meeting or event. How often did you feel tired? Did you get fanny fatigue from sitting too much? Brain freeze from hearing… Continue reading

The Science of Sitting

Last month I attended the first-ever sedentary behavior and health conference at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. However, unlike the seated conference attendees, I chose to attend… Continue reading

Take A Stand Against Sitting!

The news that sitting is the public health epidemic of the 21st century is great for headlines. But is sitting really as dangerous to your health as smokin… Continue reading