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Here are a few testimonials from satisfied X bytesTM users. Has X bytesTM transformed your event? Contact us to share your story!

“Kim provided an introduction to participants at the Palliative Conference I attended in April 2014 in Toronto. It was an intro to taking a break from your desk and to let us all know that sitting is the new smoking. Would love to have Dr.Kim (X-bytes) at our next symposium.”

JoAnne Prokopchuk
Resident Services Consultant at Leisureworld Senior Care Corporation


Loved the fitness breaks!  Got my blood moving which helped me, and seemed to help others, stay more alert during presentations.”


V. Pebbles
Great Lakes Commission


I heard some grumbling when I asked everyone to stand and participate in the Fitness Break. But once they were warmed up and smiling, it would have been hard to distinguish our session from an aerobics class! With everyone participating, I found the Fitness Break helped create a sense of unity in my session, where everyone was actively engaged and attentive afterwards to the four presenters.”


E. Hague, CEP
Tetra Tech


“People stretched.  A good thing.  People laughed.  A good thing.  People had energy.  A good thing.  I liked it. And the added bonus? A ‘stuffy suit’ is much more approachable after seeing them do 30 leg lifts.”


R. Smith
The Nature Conservancy