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Our Story

My idea for producing video fitness breaks happened by chance. In the spring of 2012, I gave a presentation about a workplace bone health program at a Business of Aging Summit held in Toronto. To demonstrate the program, I asked attendees (comprised of CFO’s, CEO’s and health care professionals) to stand up and participate in a 5-minute exercise session. It was amazing to see the shift in the energy levels and attitudes of the attendees. The atmosphere in the room had transformed – no longer were the participants looking bored and feeling fatigued, but instead, they looked happy and felt energized!

The fitness break was so well received that one of the attendees asked if he could fly me out west to deliver a live fitness break at an upcoming conference. Initially I thought, why not? But, I began to think, why should a company incur my travel expenses, when instead I could provide a fitness break via video which offers more flexibility at an affordable cost.

Equipped with an exercise and market research background, I began to explore the viability of the concept of video-delivered fitness breaks. I spent one year pilot testing a variety of exercises and stretches for a range of audiences and seating formats. Within a very short time, I was booked for half a dozen conferences to have attendees experience the videos. There was so much interest, even without a product.

In May of 2013, 4 X bytesTM videos were launched in Orlando, Florida at the Society of Government Meeting Professionals (SGMP) annual conference. Today, X bytesTM videos have been used by conferences, meetings, associations, businesses and factories across North America in the battle to fight fatigue and promote wellness. The videos are now part of a turnkey wellness program for conferences and workplaces that includes: wellness talks, wellness lounges, fitness/wellness tip sheets, wellness coaching and wellness challenges.

My many thanks to those who guided and supported us in the beginning. We always aim to improve and create new content. We’d love to hear what you think about X bytesTM and our wellness programs!