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Kim Bercovitz, Ph.D., President and Chief Exercise Officer (CEO) (aka Dr. Kim)

Kim Bercovitz

Following a 25+ year career in exercise and health research, Dr. Kim decided to put her insights into action. Dr. Kim’s work shed light on peoples’ concerns about their health as they age, and their “real-world” challenges to healthy active living. Dr. Kim is committed to changing the way people think about exercise – by making it easy to fit fitness into busy days – one byte at a time.
Trained in mindfulness based stress reduction and a professional member of the National Speakers Association, Dr. Kim has a Ph.D. in Behavioral Science & Health and a M.S. in Exercise/Health Studies. She was an adjunct professor in public health at the University of Toronto and York University, research scientist at Toronto teaching hospitals, and a National Cancer Institute of Canada postdoctoral fellow. Passionate about anything wellness, Dr. Kim enjoys writing in her “Sitting is the New Smoking” blog, innovating wellness offerings, consulting to conferences and workplaces on wellness strategy, and putting her behavioral science research into practice vis-à-vis wellness coaching.
Dr. Kim is trained in osteoporosis, diabetes and cancer exercise, older adult exercise, nordic pole walking, aqua fitness, and health/wellness coaching. She is Bone Fit trained and has taught osteoporosis and chronic disease exercise classes. Her personal fitness passions are dancing, swimming, strength training, hot yoga, cycling, power and pole walking. Dr. Kim lives in the Washington D.C. area with her husband, 2 kids and dog.

Gary A. Somers, Ph.D., Vice President and COO

Gary Somers

Dr. Gary Somers has 29 years experience leading the development of advanced systems including a diverse set of programs such as Airborne Radar, Terrain Following Radar, Submarine Communication, Space Radar, Data Fusion and Inferencing. He developed measurement systems that pushed the state of the art in Antenna and RCS measurements. Prior to leading the technology development of X bytesTM, Gary quickly climbed management ranks at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Lincoln Laboratory to lead a 60 person, $25M/yr Advanced Radar group and then became the Deputy Operation Manager of a 550 person, $150M/yr enterprise at SAIC.Dr. Somers earned his doctorate at The Ohio State University in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He was a NASA Fellow, Chrysler Fund Scholar, Raytheon Advanced Study Scholar, and a member of the engineering honor society Tau Beta Pi.Gary was the 2008 Conference General Chair of the Antenna Measurements Techniques Association (AMTA) and served on it’s Board of Directors. He currently serves on the Steering Committee of the National Fire Control Symposium. Gary enjoys racquetball, tennis, and boating and lives in the Washington DC area.

Bianca Bass, D.P.T., Physical Therapist

Bianca Bass

Dr. Bianca Bass is a physical therapist that has been practicing orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation for 13 years. Dr. Bass ensures that X bytesTM fitness breaks are safe and can be adapted for people with a variety of fitness and ability levels. She works with a range of patients with acute and chronic pain, sports injuries, arthritis and muscular-skeletal disorders, aging wear and tear (hip and knee replacements), work-related injuries (back and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome), and return-to-work needs. Bianca has a Doctoral degree in physical therapy from Marymount University in Arlington Virginia where she is currently an adjunct professor.Bianca is passionate about helping people becoming functionally fit. She helps her clients regain their strength, mobility and endurance in order to do everyday activities, sports and return to work more easily. A former professional volleyball player, Bianca now enjoys staying active through swimming, running and weight training. Dr. Bass lives and practices in the Washington DC area. She is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.

Rebecca Mohning, M.S., R.D., L.D., Dietician

Rebecca Mohning

Ms. Rebecca Mohning is a registered dietitian who has been practicing for over 10 years. Ms. Mohning provides expert advice on X bytesTM healthy snacks and Superfoods/brain foods for conferences and workplaces. Rebecca specializes in healthy eating, weight management, sports nutrition, disease prevention and medical nutrition therapy for diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, heart disease and gastrointestinal disorders.Ms. Mohning has a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Master of Science in Exercise and Sports Science from Iowa State University, and a personal training certification from the American College of Sports Medicine. As part of her nutrition consulting business, Rebecca conducts nutrition/wellness workshops for businesses, fitness facilities, sports teams, running and triathlon clubs. She has appeared on local and national news shows, in magazines and newspapers, and is a spokesperson for Diet to Go. Rebecca was formerly an adjunct professor in the exercise and sport science department at George Washington University.Rebecca’s philosophy is moderation, balance and variety of foods to meet individual nutritional needs. She strongly believes that eating poorly during the workday impacts both the waistline and productivity. She has seen dramatic improvements in lipid and energy levels, and blood pressure in a short time when a “byte size” changes in food and snack choices, including “brain foods,” are made at work. Rebecca enjoys cycling, running, weight training and getting creative in the kitchen. She lives and practices in the Washington DC area.

Janine Harris, Executive Producer

Janine Harris

Janine Harris is a video producer, director, editor and owner of Keyring Media Inc. Janine and her team produce the X bytesTM videos and direct creative content. She has over 15 years experience developing and producing videos for commercials, television series and documentaries. From marketing videos to training videos, Janine works with small and mid-size organizations through to large companies to help them showcase their programs, products, and services.

Janine is trained as a recording engineer through the renowned audio program at Fanshawe College. She worked in the trenches in audio but found her passion in combining visual and audio, and quickly transitioned into video as an editor and producer. As former executive producer with Bullet Entertainment, Janine produced over 75 TV episodes and managed all in-flight entertainment content. She now combines her broadcast skills with web and new media strategies to produce and direct corporate communication videos for the automotive, medical and hardware industries. Recently, she produced a video series for a human resources organization to explain accessibility/disability regulations to businesses. Her specialty is coaching clients to help them develop their authentic message, passion and presentation for video.

Benji, Director of De-Stress


Benji is our resident companion, de-stressor and workout buddy. He puts his paws up on our desks to check in with us regularly to see that we’re ok. Talk about helping us combat sitting and work fatigue – he uses his “cat and mouse” routine to get us up and moving. And he grabs his leash and takes us out for fresh air and regular exercise. He’s like a walking treadmill!