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Byte Size Wellness!

X bytes is a wellness company that creates fitness/stretch videos and wellness lounges for conferences, trade shows and workplaces. We recognize that people at learning events and work sit too much. Muscles become stiff and posture slouched. Concentration and focus plummet – especially mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Our solution is a new “byte” size approach that integrates stretch, yoga and mindfulness micro-breaks throughout the day to combat fatigue, boost energy and increase alertness. X bytes is committed to changing the way people think about health – by making it easy for people to “fit” wellness into their busy days – one byte at a time. Our philosophy is that “a little is better than nothing” rather than an “all or nothing” approach to lifestyle change. Each “byte” of exercise provides cumulative health benefits and helps in the battle to fight chronic sitting (i.e. the new “sitting disease” epidemic).

Our micro-breaks:

– Re-charge the body and mind
– Deliver immediate energy
– Keep people productive and alert
– Reduce Injuries

X bytesTM easy-to-follow, sweat-free fitness breaks can stand-alone or be part of turnkey conference or company wellness programs. We will work with you to help deliver content and create a wellness culture that fits into your conference, trade show or business.

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